PowerGO  Plug & Play  GA-PG85 / GA-PG14

PowerGOPowerGOPowerline Plug Ethernet Adapter
PowerGO, a new and innovative solution for data communicaPowerGOtions and networking service. This unique technology makes it easier than ever to set up a high-speed network at your home or office. It uses the existing power line as data transmission media to guide the home networking into the house. You may enjoy the instant network access anywhere you can find an AC outlet.

  • PowerGONetwork solution through power line
  • Simple, cost-effective, and reliable
  • Supports up to 15 nodes per network
  • Software for grouping and password protection
  • 56 bit data encryption security
  • Speed up to 85 Mbps data rate
  • 10/100 fast Ethernet
  • Fully HomePlug 1.0.1 compliant

Diagram of structure


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User's Manual

  • Description: Management program has grouping function, it is able to set account name, password and admin. Access limit by different group, in order to securely manage each group.